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New Mexico State University Moves to Canvas — Moodle Stuck in the 1990’s

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NMSU will be replacing Blackboard CE 8 with Instructure Canvas as its learning management system (LMS) for the Summer 2012 semester.  View announcement here.

In a lengthy evaluation process at NMSU, Canvas received the highest evaluation marks from faculty and students and met the University’s evaluation criteria better than any of the other available options.

According to Steven Leask, senior project analyst for Instructional Innovation & Quality, who managed the evaluation process, the university’s LMS Task Force came to “unanimous agreement on what would be recommended. And there was no second choice.” The task force comprised about 25 faculty, students, learning specialists, and technology administrators from the Las Cruces and Community College campuses.

What set Canvas apart from its competitors, Leask explained, was how different and intuitive the interface was. “Our faculty was overwhelmed by the possibilities,” he said. “If you’ve used Web 2.0 tools, if you’ve used Facebook, Twitter, or those other tools, you could really pick up on it pretty quickly.”

But more than that, he added, it’s a “huge leap forward.”

Source: http://campustechnology.com/Articles/2011/09/07/New-Mexico-State-Signs-with-Instructure.aspx?Page=1

Moodle’s best days may be behind them, but I hear the disciples over in Moodleland are still partying like it’s 1999…and their LMS reflects it 🙂

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