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MacBook Air Trackpad Not Working — Potential Fix

October 21st, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I haven’t been posting much in the past couple of years, but was checking on some of my sites this morning and decided to post about a problem I had with my MacBook Air trackpad getting stuck and not clicking. I bought my MacBook about a year ago and almost immediately had problems with the trackpad. It would go for days and be fine and then, for seemingly no reason, the trackpad would stop responding requiring me to reboot. At times I would have to reboot a couple of times to get the trackpad to start working again, only to have it stop responding after a few minutes–very frustrating. I read a lot of web postings where others were having this problems and the general advice was to take it to the Apple store and have the track pad either “adjusted” or replaced. Of course, doing that would require the problem to happen when at the store and we all know the problem never occurs when you want to show someone 🙂

I never took it into the store…didn’t really feel like that was the real problem anyway…I just dealt with it.  One lucky day though I did happen to stumble across the root cause of my problem. I carry my MacBook in a backpack and when I bought it I also bought a wireless mouse–carried it in the backpack as well. Well, the trackpad started acting up one day so instead of rebooting I pulled my mouse out of my backpack to use and noticed it was turned on. I turned off the mouse and the trackpad started working. After that, on a couple of different occasions my trackpad has acted up and each time it was due to my mouse being turned on. So, it doesn’t sound logical…they should both work together, but for some reason, when I leave my mouse on in my backpack–or it gets turned on due to just being rattled around in the backpack, it results in my trackpad acting up.

So if you have have trackpad problems and have a mouse, check it out…this has completely addressed my trackpad problems.

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