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Harding University Dropping Moodle for Canvas

February 17th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Harding University is just one of the droves of colleges and universities beginning to realize that Moodle’s 1990’s technology and pathetic security record is simply not meeting the demands for today’s learners or educators.

Harding dropping Moodle for Canvas: http://www.harding.edu/elearning/

Today not only are students becoming more demanding in their technology expectations in college, but faculty are beginning — mostly out of necessity and their own survival — to expect more out of the online tools that a few years ago were “optional”, but now are becoming required and expected by students and administration. Any institutions looking to adopt or stick with Moodle these days are simply making a decision to stay in the 90’s — the last decade was a good one for Moodle, but it is obsolete and the education world is quickly catching on. Blackboard bought several LMS rivals that were loved by their users (Angel comes to mind) only to have it die a slow death. Blackboard’s recent purchase of Moodle is just an example of another LMS that has failed to keep pace with the times and has found its final resting place in the arms of what Moodle disciples have considered the evil empire.

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