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How to Quickly Install Multiple WordPress Blogs Using a Single Database

March 4th, 2012 2 comments

In this video I show how to quickly install a WordPress blog and then replicate it multiple times resulting in multiple independent WordPress installs using a single database. If you need hundreds of WordPress installs, then the using the network feature (multiple blog feature) in WordPress is the way to go. However, if you only need a few then installing separate blogs may be a lit simpler and easier for you to manage.

Install WordPress Multi-User Network — WP 3.0 and later

January 15th, 2012 9 comments

I created a video a couple years ago demonstrating how to create multiple WordPress blogs using a single database and I still get lots of email asking various questions about that process. However, since the release of WordPress 3.0 and the merging of WordPress and WordPress Mu, that process is no longer needed. You can now create multiple blogs using a single install of the base WordPress code. Although I no longer actively create WordPress tutorials for the general public, I decided to do an update so that people wouldn’t be following the old procedure and unnecessarily uploading multiple copies of the WP code-base to create multiple blogs.