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Update 2010: How to Move WordPress to a Different Server and Web Address

December 1st, 2010 15 comments

The following video demonstrates how to move your WordPress blog from one server to another and change the web address. This is an updated video from one I did a few years ago here. This video addresses the issue of changing the web address in the database where that information is entered as serialized data. To learn more about serialized data in WordPress, just use Google, but in short, if you use a text editor to do a search & replace of the url in the database dump–like I demo in the old video–then you will have problems with text widgets not coming over and you may have problems with values in some of your plugins. Using the procedure demonstrated in this new video should solve those problems, thanks in large part to the script provided at Download that script here for use as demonstrated in the video below.

MySql Database Nightmare — Innodb vs MyISAM

October 11th, 2010 1 comment

Last week I had a server crash — hardware problems — and have spent the past week recovering. I had several php apps running on the server along with a lot of static content–including a couple thousand videos. So I spent a day rebuilding the server on a new box and restoring the static content was a breeze–really drove home the point for me about the value of keeping things simple. 500+ videos were just uploaded into a directory and were not part of a php app–very simple to restore. However, the vast majority of my content was tied to a couple Moodle LMS installs, several WordPress installs including one WordPress Mu install, and five MedaiWiki installs.