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Blackboard’s stock up 30% — Moodle has seen its better days!

April 20th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The news that someone has offered to buy Blackboard is causing quite a bit of chatter in LMS circles today…not to mention a big boost to some who may own stock. My advice…sell now before the hype wears off 🙂 Of course, I never was good at reading the stock market–I guess if the phantom buyer turns out to be a big player–think Google, Microsoft, or even a huge textbook publisher, then holding onto that stock may prove to be a very good idea. I love it that the CNBC article mentioned Instructure as one of the most interesting competitors and completely ignores Moodle…maybe they’ve been talking to those who have upgraded to Moodle 2.0 😉 However, just so Moodle Disciples out there don’t feel completely left out, I think the announcement by Instructure last week that it has raised $8 million in capital and is in this for the long haul, did contain several references to Moodle, without mentioning it by name.

The following statements from that announcement has Moodle written all over them…

“Our mission is to relieve teachers and students in all levels of education of antiquated technology.

— Antiquated/Moodle — synonymous

““We were compelled by Josh and his team’s vision of delivering outstanding user experiences to those in the education market,”

— Checked the Moodle 2.0 satisfaction meter lately? Even some of the hardest of the hard-core disciples, are starting to see the light.

“The LMS market is long overdue for a new learning platform built on the latest Web-based technologies.”

— Yea, that’s what the disciples over in moodleland were saying about Moodle 2.0 during it’s 3+ years in development…are you feeling it yet Moodlers?

“At EPIC, we were searching for a disruptive play to serve the dynamic needs of students in the 21st century,” said Nick Efstratis of EPIC Ventures. “Instructure is that company.”

A “disruptive play”…I love it! 🙂

“Canvas leverages the leading edge of web technologies by embracing features such as drag-and-drop file uploads, HTML5 video and automatic speech-to-text conversion.”

Humm…well, Moodle 2.0 has a “new” file system as well, doesn’t it — I don’t think it’s drag-and-drop and I’m not hearing a lot of love out there for it…in fact, it’s reducing  die-hard disciples to tears.

If BB does get bought by a tech giant and if Instructure does push forward aggressively with it’s mission, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching Moodle with its 1990’s look, feel, and functionality die a slow death over the next few years.

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  1. moodler
    April 20th, 2011 at 17:10 | #1

    I’m sad to say, I agree with your assessment on the current state of Moodle. The release of Moodle 2 has been a complete disaster and a lot of damage has been done to Moodle’s reputation. I don’t know of a single college or school with any significant level of usage that has upgraded to Moodle 2. Do you? Our college has been using Moodle for the past 6 years and we are on Moodle 1.9. For the first time since we switched to Moodle there is serious talk about what we do next. We know we can’t stay on 1.9 forever and in the past we just took it for granted that we would upgrade to the latest versions. Now we are seriously looking at alternatives. I hate to agree with you and say I think Moodle has seen its better days. Sad.

  2. April 20th, 2011 at 17:45 | #2

    No, I don’t know of anyone who has upgraded a real production site to Moodle 2 “stable” (in name only)…including sites hosted by Moodle business partners. That should tell anyone who is paying attention a lot…and for those who are not paying attention…well, just push that upgrade button and I’m sure their users will get their attention 😉

    Ooops…sorry, WordPress is the one with the upgrade button, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. disagree
    April 21st, 2011 at 10:10 | #3

    I couldn’t disagree more with your interpretation of the Instructure press release. in fact Antiquated/Blackboard is synonymous – Bb is still using frames! The beauty of Moodle over Bb is that institutions can do what they like with Moodle. Institutions have made it their own into a seamless student user experience blending it with their existing systems. Moodle has integrations with a whole host of web 2.0 systems, and has had for many years (far longer than any other LMS infact). Bb is the locked down, out of date VLE, not Moodle. There are several large institutions preparing to roll out Moodle 2.0 this summer (obviously they’re not going to do it straight after release, mid academic year!). Watch this space.

  4. April 21st, 2011 at 13:44 | #4

    Disagreeing with me will put you in good company over in moodleland, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are out in left field 🙂

    I will be watching this space for that list of several large institutions who will be rolling out Moodle 2.0 this summer. Of course, you will have to provide the list…I don’t know of a single one planning to do it.

  5. Marc Grober
    April 26th, 2011 at 01:22 | #5

    Can’t say that I think Instructure is ll that – a sexy GUI does not translate into effective education, and more than goofy psychobable about constructionistivismismatics – lol. Moodle 2 is a disaster for users of Moodle 2, for new users of Moodle who are Windows users, well, they probably feel at home, more’s the pity. From my perspective (rude, aggressive and condescending according to those who purport to know such things) BB may be staid because staid is often safe, stable, and simple, S^3, which is arguably a better place to be than inept and dangerous – lol. DO we need someone new on the block? DO you mean that there is something that has not been done to death by Dokeo, Sakai, etc. Web 2.0 content management is nothng that is going to keep me awake. Nor will wasting critical resources over a fight for market share improve much of anything (reminds me of hospitals in small towns using federal dollars on competing advertising campaigns competing for patients who can’t really aford to pay their bills…… We are in a crisis because students have a shortage of bright people to mingle with, and we have more than enough technology to push people to think, we just don’t have enough bright folk employed to push our students to think critically, at least in the US.

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