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Auburn U Moves to Canvas LMS — Moodle doesn’t even make short-list

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Moodle with its outdated 1990’s technology didn’t even make the short list by the evaluation committee at Auburn. I applaud their decision to adopt a true “web 2.0” platform reflecting the technology of this decade.

Below are some highlights from the full article here: http://campustechnology.com/Articles/2011/07/14/Auburn-U-Moves-to-Open-Source-Canvas-LMS.aspx?

Auburn University, with about 25,000 students, has decided to move off of Blackboard Vista and onto Instructure Canvas following a multi-months evaluation process.

The LMS evaluation was done by a working group composed of IT people and faculty members. Along with Canvas and Blackboard Learn 9.1, other contenders included Moodle, Sakai, and Desire2Learn. The short-list consisted of only two products: Canvas and Desire2Learn.

“From an instructor standpoint loading material and organizing is not only easy, but can actually be fun,” Hahn said. “The simple drag and drop from your desktop into the file menu structure of Canvas is light-years ahead of others. Several faculty from my area have pointed out organizing and reorganizing is no longer complex and cumbersome like it was in the past.  If they wish to move items around they are able to, quickly and on the fly.”

The team also liked the service’s notification system. “Each party can pick how they want to receive course notifications. From e-mail, Face-book, Twitter, SMS, and more,” Hahn said.

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